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4 Stage Balance Test

  • Purpose: To assess static balance

    Equipment: A stopwatch and a buddy/helper

    • There are four progressively more challenging positions. Participants should not use an assistive device (cane or walker) and keep their eyes open.
    • Describe and demonstrate each position. Stand next to the participant, hold his/her arm and help them assume the correct foot position.
    • When the participant is steady, let go, but remain ready to catch the participant if he/she should lose their balance.
    • If the participant can hold a position for 10 seconds without moving his/her feet or needing support, go on to the next position. If not, stop the test.
    • For each stage, say “Ready, begin” and begin timing.
    • After 10 seconds, say “Stop.”

  • Time (seconds)
  • Time (seconds)
  • Time (seconds)
  • Time (seconds)