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Timed Up and Go Test

  • Purpose: To assess mobility

    Equipment: A stopwatch, chair, measuring tape, and a buddy/helper

    Description: Individual wears regular footwear (can use a walking aid if needed). Begin by having the individual sit back in a standard armchair. Identify a line 10 feet away on the floor.

    Instructions: When I say “Go,” I want you to:
    1. Stand up from the chair
    2. Walk to the line on the floor at your normal pace
    3. Turn
    4. Walk back to the chair at your normal pace
    5. Sit down again

    On the word “Go” begin timing. Stop timing after individual has sat back down and record.

  • Result:
    - Pass: < 12 seconds (less than 12 seconds)
    - Fail: ≥ 12 seconds (at or more than 12 seconds) (High risk of falling)