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WHAT IS Motivate Lake County?

The Lake County General Health District launched Motivate Lake County to encourage Lake County residents to take back control of their health. The initiative will promote existing health and wellness events/activities in Lake County and include new health fairs, wellness challenges, classes, presentations, support groups, and more. Motivate Lake County is a county-wide initiative designed to inspire, engage, and most importantly educate community members to become a healthier version of themselves. It will provide residents the tools and resources to achieve their unique health and wellness goals.


Working to prevent disease, promote health, and protect our community

Our Vision

Lake County citizens enjoy continually improving health and quality of life; healthy, happy, productive workforce which provides quality health services

our history

The Lake County General Health District was established in 1919/1920 under the Hughes–Griswold Act, a direct response to the influenza epidemic (pandemic) of 1918-1919 in which more than one-half million people died in the United States and more than 20 million worldwide. Prior to its adoption, municipalities were responsible for their own health programs, meaning that nearly 2,150 health departments existed in Ohio. Most departments had little medical training or public health knowledge. Since the formation of public health agencies, the life expectancy of Americans has increased dramatically through the prevention of diseases through safe food and water supplies, sanitation, nutrition, vaccines, and antibiotics. These are the services and educational programs that are delivered through your local and county health departments in Ohio. Currently, there are 121 health departments in Ohio. Lake County General Health District was the 14th health department in Ohio to become accredited, in August 2016, under the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) standards.

Steve Pelton Headshot (Demo)
Steve Pelton

We are so excited to be involved in such a great initiative. Lake County is leading the way.

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Gerri Hubbell
Wickliffe Senior Center

I LOVE the idea of Motivate Lake County. The wellness portal has so many resources. Thank you.